Workday HCM

  • What is HCM?
  • What are Main Concepts in Workday and Basics Navigation
  • Organizations in Workday
  • Staffing in Workday

Workday Integration

  • Workday Integration Overview
  • Reports & Navigation
  • Terminology & Concepts Of Business Objects
  • Editing Custom Reports

Workday Finance

  • Core Concept and Navigation
  • Organization and Work tags
  • Process Accounting Journals
  • Customer Invoices and Customer Receipts

RPA – Blue Prism

  • Blue Prism is an arrangement of devices, libraries, and run-time conditions for RPA.
  • Implementation
  • Comparison of popular RPA Tools
  • Blueprism Installation process


  • Introducing API-Led Connectivity
  • Designing APIs
  • Building APIs
  • Accessing and Modifying Mule Messages

Salesforce Lightning

  • Introducing Lightning Components and Applications
  • Surfacing a Component
  • Implementing Navigation and Layouts
  • Building Advanced Components


  • Introduction to PEGA
  • CASE MANAGEMENT: Designing a case life cycle
  • Setting a service level
  • Controlling the workflow

Workday Payroll

  • Introduction to Workday Payroll.
  • Setup the Payroll Processing Framework
  • Defining Earnings and Deductions
  • Federal, State and Local Tax Reporting

Workday Advance Studio

  • Core Connectors
  • EIB (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Studio Integration
  • Mediation Context--Message Flow-Through Assemblies

Workday Advance Compensation, Recruiting & Benefits

  • Learn to set up, create merit plans custom merit statements
  • Launch Propose & Approve Employee Merit Awards
  • Change merit pools
  • Distribute merit pools to organizations

RPA – UiPath

  • Basic familiarization to RPA
  • The User Interface
  • Updating UI Path Studio
  • Connecting your Project to a Source Control

RPA – Automation Anywhere

  • Introduction to RPA(Robotic process Automation)
  • What is Automation Anywhere
  • Installation of Automation Anywhere
  • Introduction to Automation Anywhere